The Basic Sales Call (Business Concept 14)

The single most common challenge I hear when I meet clients is SALES.

It's another thing we leave to chance.

There is a skill necessary to being a continuous sales machine.

A time was when I could not communicate my value to anyone

I have serious value (even if I say so myself)

I could not ask translate my value to income

I took out the time to learn.

How to write a good convincing copy

How to convey my value

How to show you what you stand to benefit by investing in me

Preparing appropriate sales material is as vital as learning to be an active listener.

That, is also a skill to be learnt.

What problems does your product solve?

Who is your audience?

Key Takeaway

What problems does your product solve?

Answering these questions is important.

Selling is not a selfish act

View selling as both learning and teaching.

By identifying the consumer need, you can educate the customer on the benefits of your product or service.

A sales call a day can help develop a skill that can be used anywhere in the world at anytime.

You need to pick up your phone to make at least a sales call a day

Make it a habit and watch your business grow

Practice your sales call, so you are communicating clearly the benefits of your product.

Good sales-call procedure will give you feedback on your product and help continue to improve it.

An advantage to yourself- and your prospective buyer really

It is to their advantage if your product is top notch too!

Pick your phone, your computer or make a journey, to make a sales call today.

Let me know how that feels, and the result too!

Have a great day!


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

 Winston Churchill

 Former British Prime Minister

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