Ownership (Business Concept 12)

From a very early age, everyone should be exposed to the idea of owning assets.

The best way to teach this is to discuss the concept openly.

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I'm going to continue with our topic: 24 Business Concepts Every Entrepreneur Should Know and today I will be talking on Ownership.

The responsibilities of ownership as a good citizen should be discussed as an entrepreneur.

Ownership shifts the power dynamics from being 'one' in a crowd, to being the 'owner' of your own movement.

Every business idea or concept that you currently practice, or use, was developed by someone, challenged by another, and improved by yet another.

Every single day, you do the same thing.

You struggle with something and do it differently; and then move on to the next thing

Like The Financial Fitness System and I; for years, you even share your ideas and intellectual property freely, without taking ownership of the idea 

Without understanding and appreciating the concept of ownership, you will be less likely to understand who has financial power in the community, and you will be less likely to own the output of what you produce.

This is what has been missed by so many leaders who discuss the importance of math, reading, and writing skills-who owns the output from people’s skills is as important as the skills themselves.

One of such missed opportunities I had always thought about long before I even understood it as a concept, is the common home stove in Nigeria.

While I do not know the origin of that stove, I have never stopped marveling at how rich the family of the first inventor of that stove would have been by now, if he had take ownership of his idea

Key Takeaway

Ownership shifts the power dynamics from being 'one' in a crowd, to being the 'owner' of your own movement.

So many attempts by new generation of scientists have tried...and largely failed, to alter the very basic design, use and even functionality of the stove.

Primarily, it remains unchanged for decades past; and will remain so for decades to come

An opportunity for generational wealth,much like Coca Cola; was lost there

It also enjoys the economics of one unit

The most successful entrepreneurs, like Madonna and Russell Simmons, own their own economics of one unit too

Become more sensitive to creating your own space and taking full ownership of your Intellectual Property (we call it your IP) in my mentoring community.

Do you know I create a new IP every single day?

Can you think of an opportunity you might have missed in the past?

Can you identify future ideas that are yours? 

That's how often you can create it and wait for an opportunity to cash in on them

I could show you how.

Concept 14 comes in tomorrow.

See you then.


"All we have to do to create the future is to change the nature of our conversations, to go from blame to ownership, and from bargaining to commitment, and from problem solving to possibility."

 Peter Block

 American author, consultant, and speaker

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