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About 'Mobolanle Oshin

Would you like to become a more confident business owner?

Do you sometimes struggle to find the right ways to grow your business?

You’re not alone.

 Growing your business is probably one of the most most important skills anyone in business can possess.

But at school we’ve only learned operations and finance. We’ve not learned the art of profit growing. We’ve not learned how to attract clients, and we have not learned how to sell.

And that’s exactly what 'Mobolanle Oshin aims to do.

Mobolanle offers books, courses, and free business tips to support both beginners and experienced business owners. Learn how to:

  • Attract paying customers to your business without being pushy
  • Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool in your Business
  • Create a Financial System that works for your business
  • Find your voice and infuse your personality into creating a Personal Business Game Plan


Jennifer Dafwat




Christian Television Network


''The funny thing about the phone session I had with her was that she did not tell me what to do. She only asked me questions in her usual down to earth, matter of fact note and all of a sudden the blur started becoming clearer.

One of the things she said that stuck to me was, “Jennifer you have to learn to do business intentionally”.

 I definitely didn’t think of it that way but talking with coach Mobolanle helped me see it.''

How 'Mobolanle Oshin started in November 2016

Most businesses have a heroic founding story. Something like … a nice guy or lovely girl has a great insight, decides to start a business, creates a good plan, and makes a lot of customers happy.

The start of Mobolanle Oshin as a brand was not like that.

Starting this business was an emergency measure. I had just had a baby- again, and my business (Clara's Foods and Bakery) was running fine without me. I had been away for 6 months. 

While I was away, I was restless with all this time in my hands and I decided to venture into what I loved to do most and always done: teach. This time without geographical boundaries. 

I had never thought I was cut out to run my own practice—I don’t possess 'techy' entrepreneurial genes.

When I started 'Mobolanle Oshin as a brand, I stumbled around. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I had successfully grown a sustainable business that had freed me enough to venture into other passions in my life. 

As a non-accountant, I had never thought people would hire me to help grow their for them. What idiot consults with someone who didn't have an MBA?

But, thanks to my guest appearances, I stumbled upon my first business clients. Soon I had a steady stream of clients from the US and Nigeria. Within a year, I was building a brand. 

But I wanted more than diversity. I loved sharing my knowledge and skills on my blog and in my e-books. So, I figured I might enjoy online teaching. I trialed my first online course in 2017 and the feedback was like fuel in my fire.

I put a structure around all the systems and structures I had put in place in my business and with the guidance of my mentor and the cheering of my spouse, I birthed The Financial Fitness System in January 2018.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

“I went into this class hoping to learn things I didn't know already and it was hours of learning things I didn't know. She gives so much valuable information that when implemented, it can move your business to the next level. The interactive session, the Q&A were all in depth and amazing. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. It was worth every kobo and second.”

 Eno Okafor 

Fashion Designer

Creative Director- Diana a La Vid


About 'Mobolanle

I have never seen myself as a problem solver. I didn’t even think I was creative.

But when I realized how important self sufficiency was in modern business, I knew I had to learn how to grow businesses.

Learning business has changed me. I’ve learned to identify my strengths and turn those strengths into profits. I’ve become a more confident person. Thanks to my blog and emailing community, I’ve connected with like-minded people across the world. And, along the way, I learned to be more at peace with who I am.

Now, I’d like to empower others to find their strengths share their voice, and feel good about their business (and themselves). I help you chop daunting business concepts into doable tasks. I teach you to evaluate your own skills so you can make your business more attractive and profitable. I help you get unstuck and jump over business growth phase.

'''Mobolanle is as wonderful one-on-one as she is in her training. A mentor who cares about people and loves seeing them improve. She puts you to work, but she rolls up her sleeves and works right alongside you. She helps and supports you every (bite-sized) step of the way.''

 Feyikemi Osofisan 



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