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“I went into this class hoping to learn things I didn't know already and it was hours of learning things I didn't know. She gives so much valuable information that when implemented, it can move your business to the next level. The interactive session, the Q&A were all in depth and amazing. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. It was worth every kobo and second.”


Eno Okafor / Fashion Designer

Creative Director- Diana a La Vid

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Jennifer Dafwat


Christian Television Network


The funny thing about the phone session I had with her was that she did not tell me what to do. She only asked me questions in her usual down to earth, matter of factly note and all of a sudden the blur started becoming clearer.

One of the things she said that stuck to me was, “Jennifer you have to learn to do business intentionally”.

 I definitely didn’t think of it that way but talking with coach Mobolanle helped me see it.

My name is Mobolanle Oshin.

Author, speaker, and the founder of Financial Fitness System®, I work with business owners to help them transition into more profitable business models, more compelling messaging, and more influence.

I never saw myself as a change agent, at least not a business change agent.

But here was I in my early forties, a successful entrepreneur and I discovered the joy of teaching. 

Now, I’d like to empower you to find your voice, develop your ideas and products; and grow your business.

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Innoson Digital Ltd.


Good morning Mobolanle

I've included reading your emails as part of my start the day routine now.  

I like today's mail on how to Manage my Energy, I'm so tired even after yesterday off but I am now determined to make sure I have at least 1 positive result today so I will know I have used my little energy today at 100%.

You're doing a wonderful job!


My name is Mobolanle Oshin.

I'm a trainer, mentor and coach. 

I'm also a serial entrepreneur, an author and business strategist.