Business Concept 15: Goal Setting

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Goal setting is something every entrepreneur should practice every week.Every day if you ask me, considering each day makes a part of a week.And of course, each week is a part of a lengthier time.Having long-term goals (five years), intermediate-term (3 years), short-term (one year), and immediate (the next month) is absolutely crucial for success.As [...]

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The Basic Sales Call (Business Concept 14)

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The single most common challenge I hear when I meet clients is SALES.It's another thing we leave to chance.There is a skill necessary to being a continuous sales machine.A time was when I could not communicate my value to anyoneI have serious value (even if I say so myself)I could not ask translate my value [...]

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Delayed Gratification (Business Concept 13)

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We've all heard it.We even think we're practicing itHas it ever dawned on you you always seem to be in the 'delayed' phase and never reach the 'gratification'?Perhaps the most important characteristic of success for a young entrepreneur is the ability to wait for gratification — to save money and plan ahead in order to [...]

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